Trash Collection

Pick Up Info

How does trash pick-up work?

Garbage service available to city residents only. Customers are allowed 5 bags per week, based on 30 gallon trash bags.

Commercial trash pick up and dumpsters may be arranged by calling City Hall at 304-478-2311.


  • Battle Street
  • Blackberry Street
  • Bloom Lane
  • Bunkeys Lane
  • First Street (South)
  • Fifth Street
  • Fourth Street
  • Heavens Lane
  • Homewood Street
  • Main Street
  • Panther Lane
  • Second Street
  • Seventh Street
  • Sixth Street
  • Smokey Hollow Road
  • Spruce Street
  • Sunnyside Lane
  • Third Street
  • Walnut Street
  • Water Street
  • Waynewood Street


  • Billings Avenue
  • Bristol Avenue
  • Center Street
  • Central Avenue (Upper)
  • Fairfield Lane
  • Harper Drive
  • Jameson Avenue
  • Long Street
  • Loughry Street
  • Luflin Street
  • Memorial Drive
  • Overlook Drive
  • Pinecrest Drive
  • Price Street
  • Railroad Avenue
  • Ridge Wood Drive
  • River Street
  • Saint Johns Street
  • Sherman Street
  • Shirley Street
  • Sky Breeze Street
  • Quality Street


  • Berry Drive
  • Brook Street
  • Buchanan Street
  • Central Avenue (Lower)
  • Cookie Lady Lane
  • Currance Street
  • D and W Lane
  • Davis Street
  • Donahue Street
  • Elkins Street
  • First Street (North)
  • Fitness Lane
  • Haven Street
  • Highland Lane
  • Kohler Street
  • McFadden Street
  • Memory Lane
  • Merrill Street
  • Mill Street
  • Mill Race Drive
  • Missouri Street
  • Parkwood Lane
  • Peach Tree Drive
  • Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Poplar Street
  • Virginia Street

Customers must have their trash at the curb or at a designated area by 7:00 A.M. on their day of service.

The City shall provide bulky item removal to all residential customers on the last Thursday of every month, unless a new collection date has been rescheduled by an authorized officer. Each residential customer will be allowed to dispose of two (2) bulky items per month. Customers in excess of the two (2) item limit will be charged $25.00 per item. Customers must call the Parsons Business Office at least two (2) days in advance to schedule a pick-up. Bulky item(s) must be placed at the curb for collection by 7:00 A.M. (EDT) on the scheduled date of pick-up. Bulky items include refrigerators, e-waste*, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, and other appliances; televisions, home computers, air conditioners, bicycles, furniture, and other items not included above that are too large or too heavy to be placed inside a trash bag.

*E-waste items include televisions, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, and/or anything with a screen measuring more than 4” diagonally.

Tucker County Solid Waste Authority

284 Landfill Road
Davis, WV 26260

(Route 32 between Davis and Thomas)

Free Dump Day: First Thursday of the month

Hours: Monday—Friday: 7:30am-4pm

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