Parsons City Parks

Rules & Regulations

Rules/Ordinances for the Entirety of the City Parks Systems:

  1. Smoking and/or tobacco use is prohibited within the confines of the Pavilions (under roof), within and/or about 30 feet of any and all playground equipment, within the fenced area of the Splash Park, within the perimeters of the Skate Park, within all fenced perimeters of RCP, and/or all other posted areas.
  2. All trash must be deposited in the provided receptacles throughout the Parks, by all patrons.
  3. Restroom facilities must be kept clean and neat. Anyone, including parents and/or guardians of juveniles, will be responsible for vandalizing, damaging, and/or causing the facilities to become inoperative and/or not usable will be held liable for all repair and/or restoration costs. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  4. All pets within the Parks must be leashed at all times. All feces deposited within the Parks from said pets, MUST be collected, by the owners and/or walkers utilizing their own and/or the provided collection stations throughout the Parks, and disposed of properly.
  5. Rentals of all Pavilions will be honored and respected. Intrusion upon these areas during scheduled events will be in violation of PPRC rental rules, and subject to fines.
  6. All league sponsored event(s) will require to submit a certificate of liability insurance for said event(s), along with a copy of a schedule for the season, to the City of Parsons within 48 hours prior to the beginning of the event(s).
  7. Usage or rental of the Concession Stand at RCP requires removal of any and all perishable items at the end of the event or season and the facility must be left clean. Failure to do so will result in a mandatory clean up fee.
  8. Use of all Park facilities and its equipment are done so at the users risk. The City of Parsons and/or the Parsons Parks and Recreation Commission will not be responsible for any bodily injury or damage to personal property during the usage of these facilities.
  9. Separate and Additional/Individual rules for Wellness 24 and the Parsons Community Center may also apply.
  10. The City of Parsons Code Enforcement Officer will enforce all Rules and Regulations established by the PPRC.

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